Read the fine print, stupid!

This happened a few years back, but I didn’t hear about it. Somehow, stumbled upon it today 😉 Yeah, I know it isn’t April, either, sorry LOL!! but, I thought it was funny so figured I’d share 🙂

April Fool’s Soul-Stealing Prank

Hmm . . . have to see if they still celebrate April Fool’s!!

~ Enjoy

Oh Lord – “She left me for Jesus” ;-)

This is my first post on this comedy blog!! I hope it makes you crack the f*c! up, laughing your ass off 🙂

Lately, I have been exploring some new music and was introduced to this artist by a friend. I stumbled across this little gem out in YouTubeLand, while listening to some of this guy’s songs. Laughed my ass off!!

Hayes Carll does a great job with the song and personally I really enjoy the timbre of his voice. The video parody is funny as hell! I do hope you enjoy it as much as I do – if you like this kind of music, or this kind of comedy. My  sense of humor can be a bit warped at times 😉

Anyway, gotta love freedom of expression ☮


About Cracking the F*c! Up ;-)

I love to laugh! I think it is a staple to a satisfying life. Sometimes it makes all the difference in whether you have a good day or a bad day. Having said that, I find a lot of things pretty comical 😉 My sense of humor is odd at times – sometimes even a bit warped, left of center, “black”  – what one might call wicked, LMAO!

I will use this space to share things that I find funny with you. You are in for treats of comical storytelling in some form of fashion – funny sayings, videos, comics, narratives of my own, and whatever strikes my funny bone and fancy, and results in me Cracking the F*c! Up 😉

~ Hope you enjoy!